Anti-government protests in Kiev. After two months of primarily peaceful anti-government protests in the city centre, new laws that meant to end the protest movement have sparked violent clashes in recent days. Deadly violence erupted on both sides.

Maidan - is a round square in the centre of Ukraine's capital Kiev where the revolution was born and is still growing. You can choose any angle to observe processes there. Guilty brutal militia beating peaceful Ukrainians, or in contrary - provocative protesters throwing "molotovs" at their contemporary guys in uniforms. Seek for freedom, economic wealth and ability to choose are the core principles.

Burning barricades, a black-faced protestant, woman offering pancakes with strawberry confiture on a side, freedom songs, warm jacket given by a stranger and a smiling "Berkut" guy beyond his metal shield. That looks extraordinary. Meaning of the meaningless fight could be found in between these lines.

Filmed and Photographed by Artūras Morozovas
Edited by Berta Tilmantaitė
Music: Oxford Camerata - Requiem, Op. 48 (Pie Jesu) by Gabriel Fauré
©2014, Ukraine

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